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'Shin-Nihon-Kikou', translated into English as 'New Japanese Travel' or 'A Traveller's Journal' (the name of a genre of Japanese literature), contains re-recordings of 16 of Tomita's best TV soundtrack themes as played by the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. The album is subtitled 'Tomita Isao no Ongaku', or 'Isao Tomita's Music' in English, and was released by BMG Victor in 1994 in Japan only.

Barely any synthesisers at all, except for the inclusion of the first track on 'Storm From The East'. Entire text in Japanese.

The title track is also the first track on the album. Some pieces from 'Shin-Nihon-Kikou' were also released on a three-track 3" CD single.

The cassette 'To-Gen-Kyo' by Logic System released on the Alfa record label in 1991 (Catalogue Number ALCA-214) features a synthesizer rendition of the 'Shin-Nihon-Kikou' piece. Logic System is Tomita's ex-sequencer programmer Hideki Matsutake's band.

Album Details

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Catalogue Number
BVCF-1525 (CD)
Unknown (3" CD Single)

BMG (Japan)

Date Released
22 June, 1994

Total Playing Time

Unknown (Entire Text in Japanese)


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