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'Storm from the East', or 'Aoki Ohkami no Densetu' in Japanese, was released by BMG Victor in 1992 in Japan only. This soundtrack album contains music composed and performed by Tomita and the NHK Symphony Orchestra for an NHK/BBC co-production about the Mongol tribes of Asia. A different soundtrack by someone else was used for the final BBC version, and Tomita's version was not supposed to have been available in the UK.

Extremely rich analogue/digital hybrid sounds, in danger of out-lushing Vangelis in the lush stakes. Also available as 'Legends of Blue Wolf'.

Album Details

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Catalogue Number
BVCF-2514/BMG-887735 (CD)

BMG (Japan)

Date Released
2 May, 1992

Total Playing Time

  1. Main Theme
  2. Mongolian Fantasy 1: East Afar
  3. Legend of Saviour
  4. Messenger from Tartar
  5. King Prester John - An Abyssinian Eidolon
  6. Memories of Pale Earth
  7. Dazzling Dark
  8. Etheral View
  9. Winds of Great Plains
  10. Requiem of Plains
  11. Mongolian Fantasy 2: Flash of Shining Glory
  12. Messenger from Inferno
  13. Theme of Akhai
  14. Mongolian Fantasy 3: Land of Great Khan
  15. Ending Theme


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