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Where can I get "Bermuda Triangle", "Dawn Chorus", "Daphne et Chloe" etc.?
These albums are quite hard to get outside Japan, but I'd recommend you try Music Express (where I got Bermuda), CD Banzai!, or Mundo for those hard-to-get releases. Other music suppliers are listed on the links page.

Can I contact Tomita-san via e-mail?
I don't think so.

What does the TARBEL message on the "Bermuda Triangle" album decode to?
The answer can be found on the Bermuda Triangle page, under "A Coded Message".

I have been collecting the albums in Tomita's recent Dolby Surround series, but I noticed that there is no album corresponding to the letter A in the TOMITA name. Am I missing one?
There was no sixth album in this series, which is strange since the letters on the edges of the CDs seem to have been put there to form the word TOMITA. For more details on this series, check out the Dolby Surround section.

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