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The first five Tomita albums were re-released in 1991, in Dolby Surround, a process which these recordings are eminently suited to. The artwork, derived from the originals, can be seen here. Additionally, the letter on the front (T, O, etc.) is repeated in red on the spine of the CD case, for easy alphabetical (though not chronological) filing. Unfortunately, since there is no album corresponding to the letter A, the full name can never be formed from these red letters. The 'In Surround' picture is adapted from an image on the inside of the original 'Mind of the Universe' LP gatefold released in the USA.

The art department unfortunately managed to mess up the sequencing in terms of the original release dates. As can be seen, each album has a letter from T-O-M-I-T-A overlaying it. Quite why they didn't release 'The Bermuda Triangle' to make up the set of six is beyond me!

Subsequent albums have not been forthcoming (as of yet). Links to larger versions of the above cover shots will be added to this page shortly.

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