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Another 'Hits' compilation, complete with far-out track descriptions. This album was subtitled 'Impressions of an Astronaut'.

All the pieces on this album are re-titled tracks from other Tomita albums with the disclaimer "Contains Previously Released Material". 'Space Walk' is out of print on CD.

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Catalogue Number
ARL1-5037 / PL 85037 (LP)
PK 85037 (Cassette)


Date Released
August, 1984

Total Playing Time

  1. Opening the Hatch [Grand Canyon Suite: Sunrise] <Grofé>
    The sweeping curve of the earth darkly outlined - the growing brightness behind as the orbiting ship approaches the sun - gasping in awe at the first unconfined view - safety of the ship underfoot - walk to the interface between ship and space - check suits, equipment finally -
  2. Leaving the Ship [Pictures at an Exhibition: The Gnome] <Mussorgsky>
    First separation from the ship - hesitation - apprehension, fear - no time to feel, observe - check, re-check space gear - tentative - jet spurts into space and then -
  3. Floating Free [Mother Goose Suite: The Fairy Garden] <Ravel>
    The exaltation of limitless unconfinement - the ultimate freedom - a true satellite orbiting the earth - like no other earthling - a monumental but quiet joy.
  4. Somersaults in Space [Children's Corner No. 4] <Debussy>
    Now a boisterous joy in freedom from confinement and gravity - instant, effortless movement by spurts from the control jets - no friction, no up, no down - majestic play far above the earth - The Earth -
  5. Orb of Beauty [Symphony No.6: First Movement] <Prokofiev>
    Familiar continents unfold under feathery wisps of clouds - there, someplace, is home - the classic curve - humility, awe - reflection - alone - sadness - utter quiet.
  6. Get to Work [Pictures At An Exhibition: Limoges] <Mussorgsky>
    But nothing works as it does in familiar gravity - a new coordination, orientation - work by remote control - no direct contact - hands on: impossible - try, re-adjust, re-calibrate - try to forget gravity, friction atmosphere, feel, sound -
  7. No Sound in Space [Preludes Book 1 No. 10: The Engulfed Cathedral] <Debussy>
    The ultimate disorientation - imagine sound - metal striking metal, whistles, bells, voices - can silence be the ultimate harmony? - no, confusion, humiliating - back to the familiar comfort of the ship - try again later.
  8. The Orderly Beauty of Space [Preludes Book 1 No. 6: Footprints In The Snow] <Debussy>
    The same laws of nature prevail as on earth, and yet - textbook physics, the laws of Newton made no preparation for this - logic, yes - sanity, yes - but rapturous, sensuous beauty in adhering to those laws - the mind will not compute - can't understand it - so -
  9. Coordinated Activity [Pictures at an Exhibition: Tuileries] <Mussorgsky>
    Disciplined movements - harmony with space - purposeful actions - the unknown now experienced, but the unknown generates -
  10. Fantasies of Science Fiction [Scythian Suite: The Adoration of Venus and Ala] <Prokofiev>
    The impossible world of Buck Rogers - Star Wars - strange worlds - weird creatures - galaxies in revolt, competition - unconstrained imagination - may it be a reality? - this once was real only in theory - yet looking at the vast curve of earth, isn't life there the only reality?
  11. Thoughts of Home [Mother Goose Suite: Pavan of the Sleeping Beauty] <Ravel>
    Reveries of home, family - the raptures of earthly pleasures - the pursuit of human values - the expression of man's emotions - relationships - love - here, accomplishment, aesthetic experiences, scientific sophistication and -
  12. Survival Through Technology [Romeo and Juliet Suite No. 2: Montagues and Capulets] <Prokofiev>
    Feelings of being machine-being interface - reliable to the limit of man and machine resources - is that enough to assure survival? - concept of complexity - factors of technical confidence - redundancy upon redundancy built in to anticipate any malfunction - any? - frightening - but risk is a part of life - so -
  13. Unsettling Peace [Valse Triste] <Sibelius>
    A thoughtful, conditional calm - emotions, impressions blending into confusion, contradiction leading to -
  14. Unanswered Question [The Unanswered Question] <Ives>
    Will space always be a lonely conundrum? - is the ecstasy of freedom in space a curious anomaly? - don't look for answers - get the job done - get back to earth.


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