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[Tomita in Studio] The album also features a previously unreleased (I think) work, 'One Night of the Milkyway Railroad', an original composition, which sounds like it could easily have belonged on the 'Kosmos' album. Also, there is a re-recorded version of 'La Cathédrale Engloutie', which was originally on 'Snowflakes Are Dancing', and a-side-and-a-half's worth of remixed pieces, in what Tomita calls 'Bi-phonic'. This sounds on vinyl like a kind of enhanced stereo, but the effect is not that pronounced.

Since the lavish packaging, with its gatefold sleeve and 12-page, LP-sized booklet, is entirely in Japanese, any more details are unavailable. It is clear from the Roman numeral listing in the booklet that the audio examples are explained at some length, as is 'Bi-phonic' sound; the only help for me is that the tracks are noted in English on the record labels themselves. Very frustrating - I can't afford a translator!

Wendy Carlos released a broadly similar album in 1987 called 'Secrets of Synthesis'. This album explained the principles of her approach, using her recorded work illustratively, in contrast to Tomita actually dissecting the work itself.

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RVC-7564 / RVC-7565 (Double LP)


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