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The album in which Tomita acquired a Synclavier II, a hugely expensive music production system. Its advanced sampling capabilities accounted for the 'real' instrument sounds.

Great digital thunderstorm effects, in the debut appearance of the 'Plasma Symphony Orchestra'. Very short for a Tomita album at 35 minutes and 22 seconds, the CD release compounds this by omitting 'Syncopated Clock'.

Tomita was originally credited as co-composer of the 'Grand Canyon' suite, this was deleted from later copies of the album.

Album Details

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Catalogue Number
PL 84317 / RS 9005 / ARL1-4317 (LP)
RSK 9005 (Cassette)
BVCC-2518 / R32C-1046 / BMG-887785 (CD)


Date Released
July, 1982

Total Playing Time

  1. Grand Canyon Suite <Grofé/Tomita>
    Sunrise (5:12)
    Painted Desert (6:53)
    On the Trail (7:07)
    Sunset (4:37)
    Cloudburst (8:44)
  2. Syncopated Clock <Anderson/Tomita> (2:27)

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[Grand Canyon]
[Front View]
[Grand Canyon]
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Sleeve Notes

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Cover Illustration: Ichiro Tsuruta


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[Tomita in Studio]

Isao Tomita and the Plasma Symphony Orchestra
ConductorIsao Tomita
Assistant ConductorRoland MC-8 [78k JPEG] and MC-4
ConcertmasterMoog III [45k JPEG]
1st Violin
2nd Violin
Moog III (Program 1) and Moog System 55 [80k JPEG] (Program 1)
Roland System 100M [68k JPEG] (Oscillator Saw-Tooth x 36)
Synclavier II [40k JPEG] (Program 1)
Piccolo and FluteMoog III (Program 2) and Synclavier II (Program 2)
Oboe and English HornProphet 5 (Program 1)
Clarinet and Bass ClarinetProphet 5 (Program 2)
BassoonMoog III (Program 3)
ContrabassoonYamaha CS-80 (Program 1)
HornSynclavier II (Program 3), Moog III (Program 4) and Emulator [28k JPEG] (Program 1) [Mute: Roland GE-810]
TrumpetSynclavier II (Program 4) and Prophet 5 (Program 3) [Mute: Roland GE-810]
TromboneMoog III (Program 5) [Mute: Roland GE-810]
TubaMoog III (Program 6)
PercussionLinn LM-1 Drum Computer and Roland Rhythm Composer TR-808 [62k JPEG]
TimpaniEmulator (Program 2)
HarpYamaha CS-80 (Program 2) and Roland Jupiter 4 [28k JPEG]
GuitarSynclavier II (Program 5)
PianoSynclavier II (Program 6)
CelestaProphet 5 (Program 4) and Synclavier II (Program 7)
HarmonicaSynclavier II (Program 8) and Moog III (Program 7)
WhistlerMoog III (Program 8)
MellotronMellotron [24k JPEG], Roland Vocoder Pulse VP-330 [32k JPEG] and Yamaha CS-80 (Program 3)
In the Near Future "Conbrio" Will Participate as a Member of the Orchestra
Concert HallLexicon Prime Time, Lexicon 224 and AKG BX-20
Sound EngineerIsao Tomita

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