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Subtitled 'The Ravel Album', this album was also released in the USA as 'Boléro' with different packaging and a different running order.

A 7" and 12" single of 'Bolero' (the tune) was released in the UK by popular demand in the light of the success of the movie "10" starring Bo Derek and Dudley Moore. It actually hit the Top 75!

Tomita says that this is his favourite album. It was presented to his daughter on her marriage. His daughter's name and that of her fianceé were written using grass in the picture of 'Daphnis et Chloé'.

Album Details

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Catalogue Number
PB 9498 (7" Single of 'Boléro')
RVC-2250 / RL 13412 / ARL1-3412 / CRD1-3412 (LP)
RCX-1046 / RK 13412 (Cassette)
RD 83412 / PD 83412 / RCCD-105 / RCD1-3412 / BVCC-2517 / R32C-1045 (CD)


Date Released

Total Playing Time

    12" Single
  1. Bolero
  2. Space Children Playing in the Underground Kingdom Called Agharta

  1. Daphnis et Chloé Suite No.2 [Lever du Jour/Pantomime/Danse Genérale] (17:45)
  2. Pavane pour une Infante Défunte (7:19)
  3. Boléro [235k MP3] (9:19)
    Ma Mère l'Oye Suite (19:39)
  4. Pavane de la Belle au Bois Dormant (1:55)
  5. Petit Poucet (3:51)
  6. Laideronnette, Impératrice des Pagodes (3:38)
  7. Les Entretiens de la Belle et de la Bête (5:59)
  8. Le Jardin Féerique (4:15)


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[Daphnis et Chloé]
[Front View]
[Daphnis et Chloé]
[Back View]
[Front View]
[Back View]
[Front View]
[Back View]
Images from the 'Boléro' 12" single.


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Walter F. Grueninger, "Recorded Music in Review", Consumers Research Magazine, vol. 63, p. 43, September, 1980

Synthesizer music has come a long way through the efforts of Tomita and a few others. While the electronic instrument recorded here should not be regarded as an approved substitute for instruments specified by Ravel, many listeners will be fascinated by its varied, brilliant effects. Obviously Tomita is a creative musician. Let the adventurer in sound hear for himself.

P.S. Kids may like this record which suggests at times the sounds that helped popularize the motion picture Star Wars.

Sleeve Notes

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Electronically Created by Isao Tomita
Produced by Plasma Music, Inc.
Art Director: J.J. Stelmach
Cover Art: Barron Storey

Tomita Has Come Back!

The creative music woven out of the synthesizer by the composer Isao Tomita for the past five years has been a wonder of a glorious new development in music. In Japan his name has almost become synonomous with synthesizer music, and he has also become a hero to those young people who wish to listen to a sound coming from over the horizon. Even more vigorous attention has been given to Tomita's synthesizer music in America, and every album he has released through RCA Records has reached a top-ranking position on the charts.

During 1977-79 there was a worldwide space-fantasy boom. Synthesizer music came to be identified as the space sound, and Tomita became one of the champions of "the outer-space sound". While recognizing that Mr. Tomita no doubt contributed to the creation of space sound, it is questionable whether or not this trend was applaudable, because the musical motivation of using the synthesizer is not to make a sound that cannot be produced by people but to expand the sonic potential of human beings over and beyond what has been accomplished heretofore.

With this album - Bolero - Mr. Tomita has returned to his original stance in synthesizer music, to that of his first album, Snowflakes are Dancing. This means that he has come back to his favorite period of French music, that of Debussy and Ravel. Not only has he returned to this period but he shows himself as a dramatic musician and, furthermore, as a lyrical composer. His drama and romanticism are clearly discernable in his performances of Ravel's music. Mr. Tomita is not trying to analyze and arrange it through an oscillator. On the contrary, he is revealing Ravel's innocent mind and playing his orchestral pieces with the greatest admiration through the use of his synthesizer.

In a synthesizer performance there cannot be a wrong manipulation of fingering, but what fun would it be without the suspense of a possible slip of the hand? Mr. Tomita recognizes this in performing on his synthesizer - he portrays the music as if it were played by human beings.

Thanks to the extremely exquisite musical quality of these selections, Mr. Tomita has the opportunity to exercise his sensitivity in extracting their dramatic essence, even to the point of human "breathing". This quality is very difficult to obtain from mechanical devices, but now his synthesizer has begun to show the human element of breathing, and there is a birth of new life in his music-making. According to Mr. Tomita, he was inspired to insert this element while watching the dancing of Tamasaburo, the famous Kabuki actor.

Ravel and Tomita go back to the innocence of childhood and bring us colorful, beautiful, resonant sounds of nostalgia for that sweet period of life.

- Masahiro Ogi
Scholar and Film Music Commentator


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[Tomita in Studio]
This USA LP release shot shows the addition of a Yamaha CS-80 at the bottom topped by a brace of
Korg MS-02 [40k JPEG] interfaces.

[Tomita in Studio]
Tomita in contemplative mood, photo from the US edition of 'Boléro'.

Component Equipment Used by Tomita for this Album
Moog Synthesizer

Moog IIIP [45k JPEG]
Moog System 55 [80k JPEG]
Polymoog [51k JPEG]
Scale Programmer 950-B
Bode Ring Modulator 6401
Bode Frequency Shifter 1630

Roland Synthesizer

System 700 [82k JPEG]
Strings RS-202
Jupiter 4 [28k JPEG]

Yamaha Synthesizers

Strings SS-30


Roland Vocoder Pulse VP-330 [32k JPEG]
Actually the 'Vocoder Plus'. The 'Plus' was the addition
of a simple string machine.

Korg VC-10 Vocoder [24k JPEG]


Roland Micro Computer MC-8 [78k JPEG]

Graphic Equalizer

2 Victor SEA-7070
Roland GE-810
Roland GE-820


Quad/Eight Compumix (24 Ch.)
3 TEAC Model 1 (8 Ch.)
5 TEAC Model 3 (8 Ch.)

Tape Recorders

Ampex MM-1100 16 Tracks
Ampex AG-440 4 Tracks
TEAC 90-16 16 Tracks
TEAC 80-8 8 Tracks
TEAC A-3340S 4 Tracks
TEAC 7040GSL 2 Tracks
Sony TC-9040 4 Tracks

Noise Reduction

dbx 187


AKG BX20E Echo Unit
AKG BX10 Echo Unit
Roland RV-800 Stereo Reverb
Roland Revo 30
Roland Stereo Phaser PH-830
4 Korg MS-02 [40k JPEG] Synthesizer Interface
Binson Echorec "2"
Roland Space Echo RE-201 [14k JPEG]
Roland "Dimension D"
A highly sought-after psychoacoustic effects processor.
Eventide Clockworks "Instant Phaser"
Eventide Clockworks "Instant Flanger"
Eventide Clockworks "Harmonizer"
Fender "Dimention IV"
Fender Electronic Piano
Hohner Clavinet C
Mellotron [24k JPEG]
Leslie Speaker Model 147

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