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Isao Tomita


Born in Tokyo 1932. Studied music at Keio University with Kishio Hirao and Kojiro Kubone. Started composing at school  and later wrote music for commercials, films and TV.


Gained major recognition with first album, 'SNOWFLAKES ARE DANCING' using Debussy's music, released in 1974.


This received Album of the Year (1975) and 3 other Grammy Awards (first time for a Japanese). as well as Best Classical Record of 1974 by N.A.R.M.


Other successful LP's followed, including 'PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION' and 'FIREBIRD' in 1975.


In 1977 his interpretation of Holst's PLANETS gave Tomita his biggest success and utilised a special recording effect 'Biphonic Sound' to produce sounds 'outside the speakers'. The space trilogy was completed with KOSMOS and BERMUDA TRIANGLE in 1978.


This latter album was nominated the 'Best Engineered Classical Recordą in 1979's Grammy Awards. Also in 1979 came DAPHNIS & CHLOE.


Tomita has now sold over a million LP's in Japan as well as in many other countries. His latest LP is THE GRAND CANYON SUITE



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Isao Tomita and the Plasma Symphony Orchestra:


Conductor: lsao Tomita


Assistant conductor: Roland MC-8/ MC 4


Concert Master Moog III

1st violin: Moog III/Moog System 55

2nd violin: Roland System 100

Viola: Synclavier II

Flute, Piccolo: Moog III/Synclavier II


Oboe, English Horn: Prophet 5/Synclavier II

Clarinet, Bass-Clarinet: Prophet 5

Bassoon: Moog III/Yamaha CS 80


Horn Synclavier II/Moog III/Emulator (Mute-Roland GE-810)

Trumpet: Synclavier II/Prophet 5 (Mute-Roland GE-810)

Trombone: Moog III (Mute-Roland GE-810)

Tuba: Moog III


Percussion: Linn LM-1 Drum Computer/Roland Rhythm-Composer TR 808


Timpani: Emulator

Harp: Yamaha CS 80/Roland Jupiter 4

Guitar: Synclavier II


Piano: Yamaha Automatic Piano/Synclavier II

Celesta: Prophet 5/Synclavier II


Whistler: Moog III

Choir: Mellotron/Roland Vocoder Plus VP-330/Yamaha CS 80


E&MM (Electronics and Music Maker) magazine, February 1983


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