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The Bermuda Triangle

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Ars Electronica - a festival for art, technology and society - was initiated in 1979 and focuses on electronic art and media theory. It is held yearly in Linz, Austria and featured Isao Tomita in 1982. Details provided by the Ars Electronica Festival Pages.


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This project of Ars Electronica unites for the first time two pioneers of electronics for joint artistical work: Isao Tomita, the star of electronics, who uses the synthesizer for the interpretation of classical compositions, and Ron Hays, pioneering in the field of electronical visualization of music, the most distinguished multi-media artist of the time.

A Science Fiction Fantasy

With "Star Wars", outer space has become an artistical challenge for both... For Tomita in his electronic interpretation of John Williams' "Star Wars Theme" at a gigantic electronics performance in Budokan (Japan) and for Ron Hays, who attracted an audience of over a 100,000 spectators with his "Star Wars Concerts".

Also, the audience in the Main Hall of the Brucknerhaus will be guided through outer space by Tomita and Hays: the spectator is surrounded by music from a special five-channel pyramid system invented by Tomita. The opus starts with a homage to Anton Bruckner, with Bruckner's music symbolizing the enormous extension of outer space. Isao Tomita talks about his impressions connected with this event:

"A storm rages in the ocean near Bermuda - the area of mysterious disappearances of many ships and aircrafts, the dreaded Devil's Triangle. In the mist of the storm something approaches from the sky guided by an eerie signal from below the water. It is a craft from outer space - a UFO. The fantasy conjures up a gigantic pyramid built on the bottom of the sea by a highly civilized ancient people. They have contact with outer space and guide the UFO to the pyramid. The story unfolds through the moods of the music: friendly encounter, exploration of the earth and the sky, exchange of information and finally revelation of the way to achieve a super-dimensioned world and we are left with sweet melody once more as the UFO departs into space... all of which we are drawn into by and experience in our fantasy, through the stimulus of sound and Ron Hays' Video-Art.

Perhaps this is a new concept... Science-Fiction in Sound. Can we overcome through this the realities of everyday life, our time and physical limitation and contact our fantasy, our imagination? We can, and thus we are able to reach out into the limitless space, to touch the super intellect, be any object or being and cast ourselves, all powerful, into the universe."


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[The Bermuda Triangle]
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[The Bermuda Triangle]
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[The Bermuda Triangle]
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