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Tomita performed a Sound Cloud concert at Nagoya Dome in Japan on 6 December, 1997. Thanks to Mirai for the review of the concert and also for the wonderful photographs. Concert poster provided by Ken Terao.


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[Nagoya Dome Sound Cloud]
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[Nagoya Dome Sound Cloud]
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Yesterday, ISAO TOMITA had a vision and created it. He made a space colony inside a dome in the middle of Japan, and put on his own Jarre-like spectacular.

Half of it was very good - live on stage LOGIC SYSTEM (ex-YMO), Ken Ishii, Tomita and Rick Wakeman (who was surprisingly good). LOGIC SYSTEM were great - good videos/graphics/vocoders and techno pop - just like YMO!

The rest of the show however was like an American Walt Disney cabaret with the likes of Manhatten Transfer and Dione Warwick, plus kids - time to get the bucket. Yuuuuuuk! Ray Charles was actually quite cool, even though normally I would never ever listen to that kind of music - it was moving. With all the spacey stuff around him on his synth piano I imagined him on the HOLO-DECK.

Basically TOMITA was trying to represent a NEW EARTH, through a futuristic vision. His message was at least meaningful - don't pollute the Earth!!

And everyone was dressed in spacesuits of sort.

I managed to get near-front seats in the stadium even though my tickets were WAY at the back. And got even further after the gig by getting backstage to Ray Charles's dressing room - there to have a good old chat with Rick Wakeman, who is actually a bloody sweet/nice guy, and couldn't stop talking to me (perhaps not many English-speaking people around) and then I FINALLY (!!) got to talk and shake hands with TOMITA-san, who looked a bit dazed, but greeted me once he knew we had mutual friends - he said 'Let's meet up later'.

A good day out.

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